Introducing any famous products at Bac Ninh Tourism - Food Fair

14/09/2019 10:50 Số lượt xem: 79

(BNP) – Bac Ninh Tourism - Food Fair in 2019 will take place from October 25 - 27 in the area of the Provincial Library with various activities. It aims to promote the tourism and local products, creating opportunities for cooperation, cultural and tourism development between Bac Ninh and other localities.

An Thinh garlic (Luong Tai district) is one of the 15 agricultural products of the province.

The fair will be organized with 80 stalls introducing cultural and craft products, , famous culinary products and tours, routes, destinations of Bac Ninh and Red river delta provinces. In particular, the main subdivisions consist of the display area of tourism promotion, the cuisine of provinces and cities; Bac Ninh cuisine display area; Bac Ninh’s traditional performance area; Advertisement area of ​​Bac Ninh tourism enterprises.

During the fair, Bac Ninh province will advertise 15 agricultural products, craft villages and culinary products that are supported branding including: Gia Binh carrots (Gia Binh district); An Thinh garlic (Luong Tai district); Tam Son sticky rice (Tu Son town); Yen Phu sticky rice (Yen Phong district); Khac Niem noodles, Thi Cau 5-flavor cake (Bac Ninh city); Dinh Bang husband-and-wife cake, Dong Nguyen wine (Tu Son town); Tra Lam Tofu, Bui fermented pork roll , Dinh To soy sauce (Thuan Thanh district), Yen Phu fermented pork roll, Dai Lam wine (Yen Phong district); Binh Cau fine art wooden furniture (Thuan Thanh district).

In addition, the event also had some activities such as: awarding the contest of Designing Bac Ninh tourism souvenir products and Travel photos; performing performing heritage arts with special characteristics of the region such as: Quan họ folk songs, Ca trù, Chầu Văn, Then singing, Trống quân singing, Xoan singing, Huế singing, Vọng cổ, Tuồng, chèo,...