5G launched in Yen Phong I Industrial Park

15/01/2021 09:37 Số lượt xem: 149

(BNP) - On January 14, the provincial People's Committee, the Military Industry-Telecoms Group (Viettel) jointly held the opening ceremony of 5G telecom network in Yen Phong I Industrial Park, Yen Phong District. This is the first park in Vietnam to gain access to the 5G telecom network to serve industrial production.

Provincial leaders attend the launch of the 5G telecom network.

Attending the event were Mr. Phan Tam, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication; Mr. Vuong Quoc Tuan, Member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee; Mr. Nguyen Hanh Chung, Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council and leaders of Viettel Group, Radio Voice of Vietnam, representative from the Government Office, leaders of departments, branches and localities.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister Phan Tam emphasized that the deployment of 5G telecom network in Yen Phong I Industrial Park is a practical activity to attract new-generation FDI and projects that use high and green technology, thereby helping to develop modern digital infrastructure meeting businesses’ digital transformation needs

On behalf of the provincial leaders, Permanent Vice Chairman Vuong Quoc Tuan affirmed that the application of 5G network will help accelerate the production process, improve competitiveness and attract more investment to Yen Phong I Industrial Park in particular and Bac Ninh province in general, making an important contribution to the development of e-government, building a model of smart city in Bac Ninh province.

The 5G coverage in Yen Phong I Industrial Park will create a premise for 5G coverage of all major industrial parks in Bac Ninh in particular and the country in general. During the trial service provision, customers in the 5G coverage area in Yen Phong I Industrial Park will use free unlimited 5G data.