94% of households achieve title of family culture

12/01/2021 10:32 Số lượt xem: 45

(BNP) - According to statistics, in 2020, there were 294,093 family culture, reaching 94%; 662 cultural residential areas, reaching 90.7%; 904 agencies, units and enterprises reached cultural standards, reaching 83.5%; 100% of communes met new rural standards (including 3 communes: Hoa Long, Kim Chan, Nam Son to wards from November 2019); 22 wards and towns met urban civilization standards, reaching 68.8%.

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In 2020, 98% of weddings and 97% of funerals implemented well civilized lifestyle; the rate of electric cremation reached 50.8% (up 3.8% over the year 2019). Especially, the rate of cremation of Tu Son town was 64%; Yen Phong district was 60.2%; Bac Ninh city was 59.2%.

By 2021, the province strives to achieve many achievements such as 88% of families meet family culture; 73% of the residential area meet the cultural residential area; 90% of agencies, units and enterprises meet cultural standards; 52% of funerals carry out cremation.