Bac Ninh Temple of Literature – Typical relic of competition-examinations and traditional fondness for learning of Kinh Bac – Bac Ninh

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Bac Ninh Temple of Literature (source: Internet)

Bac Ninh is the first place where Confucianism was propagated in to Vietnam and became the senior Sinology of the country. Nowadays, in the province a huge system of tangible of culture relics of Confucianism still remains, namely Bac Ninh Temple of Literature, known as a symbol of competition-examinations and traditional fondness for learning, praising talents of the province.

Bac Ninh Temple of Literature was built in Le So dynasty in Thi Cau ward, now relocated in hamlet 10 of Dai Phuc ward, Bac Ninh city. This is the place where the local people worship and honor talents, intellects of the Kinh Bac land – the province headed the list of number of Pre-Court intellects of the country in Vietnam feudal dynasties. At the relic, a system of 14 stone steles has still been preserved, especially the stele “Restoration diary of Temple of Literature of Bac Ninh province” and the 12 steles “Kim bang luu phuong” which enroll 677 Pre-Court intellects of Kinh Bac land (holding nearly one-fourth of total Pre-Court intellects of the country)

Together with Hanoi, former capital – Hue, Hung yen province, Bac Ninh is the region which has big scale Literature temple. This is a popular site for tourists, researchers, organizations, and individuals, especially schools to come for worshipping and honoring students with high academic achievements, and commemorating former intellects. These activities play an important role in boosting and nurturing the fondness for learning of the province’s youth.