Many targets of socio-economic development increase in 2020

18/11/2020 09:00 Số lượt xem: 132

(BNP) – Under the chairmanship of the Chairwoman of Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Huong Giang, Provincial People’s Committee held its regular monthly meeting in November 2020.

Participants attend the meeting.

Despite the complicated developments and deep impact of Covid-19 on most economic sectors, in 2020, Bac Ninh province has gained significant achievements. Specifically, scale of GRDP is estimated at VND 204.6 trillion, ranking 7th nationwide; per capita GRDP is estimated at VND 144.2 million, or 2.1 times higher than the national average; industrial production value is estimated at VND 1,120 million, up 1.2% compared to 2019. Export of goods is estimated at USD 35,072 billion, up 3% compared to 2019; import of goods is estimated at USD 31,520 billion, up 12.3%. State budget revenue is estimated at VND 28,785 billion, of which domestic revenue is estimated at VND 23,535 billion.

The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) ranked 4 out of 63 provinces and cities (up 11 ranks with the highest score after 8 years); Public Administration Reform Index (PAR INDEX) ranked 18th out of 63 (up 5 ranks); Information and Communication Technologies Index (ICT Index) ranked 6 out of 63 (up 5 ranks).

The new rural construction program has been pushed up with 100% of communes meeting new rural standards; 8 out of districts, towns and cities met the new rural standard.

The career of culture, society, education, health and sports is developed, focusing on propaganda to welcome the Party Congress at all levels to the 13th National Party Congress of the Party. Bac Ninh ranked first for the quality of the prizes, second in the rate of students winning prizes compared to other provinces in the Red River Delta in the National Excellent Student Exam; 01 student participated in the International Physics Olympiad (won the Bronze Medal)…