More 3 new national treasures recognized

05/01/2021 10:30 Số lượt xem: 101

(BNP) - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has issued Decision no. 2283/QD-TTg approving the recognition of 24 objects and sets of objects as national treasures of 13 provinces and cities.

Illustrative photo.

According to the Decision, three new national treasures are recognized in this round including Triad Buddha statues, But Thap pagoda, Altar of But Thap pagoda, and the Nine-storey Lotus Tower of But Thap pagoda. All three treasures are dated the 17th century and are now worshiped and kept at But Thap pagoda, Dinh To commune, Thuan Thanh district.

Up to now, Bac Ninh province has 13 objects and sets of objects including “ cua vong” at the communal house in Diem village; Dr. Van Mieu Bac Ninh stele; Adida Buddha statue (at Phat Tich Pagoda, Tien Du District); thousand hands thousand eyes Quan Yin statue (at But Thap pagoda, Thuan Thanh district); "Xa Loi Thap Minh" stele (currently kept at the Museum of Bac Ninh province); Stone dragon (Xa Than) (at Le Van Thinh temple, Gia Binh district); Three Tam The statues (at Linh Ung Pagoda, Gia Dong Commune, Thuan Thanh District); a set of statues of 10 sacred animals of the Phat Tich Pagoda; dragon-carved stone pillars at the Dam Pagoda; Statues of four female Buddha of the Dau - Luy Lau region (at Dau Pagoda, Phi Tuong Pagoda, Da Pagoda, Thuan Thanh District).