Planning Gia Binh as high-tech agricultural development area south of Duong river

06/01/2021 13:41 Số lượt xem: 69

(BNP) - Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 624 / QD-UBND approving the regional construction planning project of Gia Binh district until 2035, with a vision to 2050.

Illustrative photo.

According to the Decision, the construction planning of Gia Binh district has an area of about 107.6 km2, a population of about 103,781 people, including the entire administrative boundary of Gia Binh district, located in the North bordering Que Vo distric; the East borders with Chi Linh city and Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province; the South borders Luong Tai district; the West borders with Thuan Thanh district.

In terms of development orientation, it is divided into three regions: urban and industrial development areas along National Road17 and Provincial Road 282B, including urban areas of Gia Binh, Nhan Thang, and Cao Duc, which focus on developing industry and trade, services; ecotourism development area, experiential tourism, entertainment, cultural and spiritual tourism along Duong river corridor; and high-tech agricultural development zone, ecological agriculture in the remaining communes.

The planning aims to identify and develop zoning urban systems, industrial development zones, rural areas, technical infrastructure, and social infrastructure in the district; promote economic development, bring into full play the potentials and resources of the district, effectively exploit regional relationships, strengths in land, agriculture, labor resources, improve the quality of life for the people and protect environmental protection. At the same time, it is as a basis for the implementation of urban planning, construction planning, identification of priority investment projects, formulation of policies for economic development and urban development; urban management, rural residential areas, industrial development, tourism, ... and the system of specialized technical infrastructure works to ensure a harmonious and synchronous development ..., thus creating the premise of becoming a model new rural district of Bac Ninh province and the country, towards becoming a town.