Quan Ho folksong

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Mentioning Quan Ho singing, we talk about the distinctive unit combined from various elements off folk art and culture in a long – lasting, diverse and multilayer history. Quan Ho culture was formed by community’s playing style and has been refined by the community during the flow of history.


Bac Ninh’s Quan Ho traditional singing is the traditional song of the Northern plain region, originated from Bac Ninh cultural area. This is form of traditional singing mainly develop strongly along the Cau River area. Quan Ho is the most diversified type of traditional singing with regards to melody in Vietnam’s traditional singing treasure. Each traditional Quan Ho song has its own melody. Up to now, there is at least 300 Quan Ho songs to be notated. Additionally, the storage of records with thousand of ancient Quan Ho songs performed by artistes in Quan Ho villages are still preserved at the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism in Bac Ninh and Bac Giang province.

Kinh Bac people, young and old can sing some Quan Ho melodies. Professional Quan Ho players do not merely sing well and know a lot of melodies but they are able to sing many song with ancient lyrics. Kinh Bac people not only sing and play Quan Ho in festive occasions but also during work and feast days… In spring festivals Quan Ho melodies with emotional lyrics resound in Quan Ho cultural space. The formation of Quan Ho lyrics and melodies associated with the development of social life in order to enhance and honor public relationship and cultural interaction. Also for this reason, Quan Ho activities correlate with festivals, singing and communicating activities; associated with emotional, spiritual life of beauty – oriented working people.

On September 30th, 2009, in the 4th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for UNESCO convention on protection of intangible cultural heritage (from 28/9 to 2/10/2009). Bac Ninh’s Quan Ho traditional singing and Ca Tru were recognized as the intangible cultural heritages of humanity and intangible cultural heritages that need urgent protection after Hue royal court music, space Highlands gong Culture.