Traditional handicraft village in Bac Ninh province

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Phu Lang pottery - one of traditional handicraft villages of Bac Ninh province

Located in the center of Northern delta – the culture cradle ò Viet people, Bac Ninh is the land of long history, being the center of the country for many centuries. Especially, this is the homeland of Ly dynasty, the north border of Thang Long capital city – Hanoi. With those advantages, Bac Ninh soon became the civilized land, full of diversified and developed economy and culture activities. Therefore, Bac Ninh is the homeland of people who are good at both farming, making handicrafts and trading. Long ago, Bac ninh was praised to be typical province of multi – cultivate, variety of handicraft villages, like in sayings: 

Bac province has its own famous traditional customs 

There are trading, and weaving clothes

The people are good at needle-work and competition-examinations

They also have famous folk painting of four seasons

Nowadays, Bac Ninh has 140 handicrafts villages, among which, there are 60 traditional handicrafts villages. Many of them are highlight in the local social-economic development, 5 business of making handicrafts are recognized as National intangible cultural heritage.