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50 enterprises received training on making collective labor agreement

19/09/2019 14:41 Số lượt xem: 22

(BNP) - On September 18, Industrial Zones Authority in coordination with Kenan Organization held a training course on making collective labor agreement for Head of Human Resource Department and Chairman of Trade Union of 50 enterprises in industrial zones where industrial collective agreements have not yet been developed.

Participants join the training course. 

This activity is a part of the project "Awareness raising and practice of international labor standards" in Bac Ninh province, implemented by Kenan Organization in coordination with Industrial Zones Authority, Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Labor Union, the Women's Union, and the Youth Union. The project aims to raise awareness among stakeholders of international labor standards; set up a tracking system that collects reports on the implementation of international labor standards; strengthen constructive dialogue on international labor standards.

At the training, participants were provided and exchanged contents related to labor relations in enterprises; the biggest challenges in labor relations at the business and how to prevent and respond. At the same time, lecturers also shared experiences in building harmonious and stable labor relations at the workplace; establishing and maintaining effective dialogue channels; experience in collective bargaining and collective labor agreement, common difficulties and solutions,...