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Japan ranks 3rd in the scale of investment capital in Bac Ninh

08/06/2019 14:38 Số lượt xem: 135

(BNP) - The province has now 1,360 FDI projects worth more than 18 billion USD from 35 countries and territories. In particular, Japan has 92 projects with a total registered investment capital of USD 1.2 billion, ranking third in terms of investment capital (after Korea and Singapore).

Canon Vietnam Co., Ltd. is one of the leading efficient FDI enterprises in Bac Ninh.

Japanese businesses mainly focus on manufacturing electronic and mechanical components such as Canon, Foster Electric, Hayakawa Electronic Vietnam, Shihen Vietnam, Platec Vietnam, Trois Electronic,...

In general, Japanese enterprises operate stably, paying attention to technology innovation, minimizing impacts on the environment and increasing sustainable production value in line with FDI attraction and development criteria of the province nowadays. They also well observe Vietnamese law on investment and business registration; implementing regulations on benefits, insurance and occupational safety for employees,..., contributing positively to the socio-economic development of the province.

In the coming time, Bac Ninh province continues to consider Japan a strategic investment partner in strong areas such as education and training, high-tech agriculture, high-tech industry, support industry, environment and energy saving, automobile production and auto parts,...